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join kiss fm, time out magazine, vh1 & the rockit ranch crew for a crazy kickoff to tonight’s blackhawks game six of the Stanley cup finals!!!!!!!! “You’re Cut Off” premieres tonight on VH1 taking 9 self proclaimed “princesses” who have lived nothing short of blessed lives and simply cuts them off. No money, no pricey belongings, no swanky living accommodations… and makes them work like hard working chicagoans like the shows host, my long time chicagoan buddy laura baron! (clip above hilarious!)

laura, who’s been featured on NBC, CNN, Extra and quite a few others, is teaching these young ladies how to grow up, take responsibility and live outside their perfect bubbles of decadence. A true Chicagoan, Laura chose her hometown to celebrate the premiere of the show at her hometown fav Rockit Bar and Grill tonight from 6-9pm…. And we are psyched to kick off this crazy victorious chicago night with her and the vh1, timeout, kiss fm crew & you!!!!!!!

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