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Hello again! Lareka Renee here, one of the newest additions to Billy Dec‘s intern team at Rockit Ranch. I wanted to share with you about hip hop mogul Common and his Common Ground Foundation’s upcoming event!

Common Ground Foundation Gala & Fundraiser

In the wake of Chicago’s highest murder rates ever amongst its youth, the citizens of this city are hopeful and confident that the circumstances that Chicago’s inner city is facing will significantly improve, and not just solely for the city’s reputation, but for the children who cannot walk to other neighborhoods outside of their own without the fear of not returning. There have been several docu-series created exposing the other realities of Chicago, outside of the wealth and opulence of downtown, realities that mainstream media are not airing. Sometimes it takes native heroes familiar with the city’s crime conditions to offer hope to children who may not see it in their everyday environment.

CommonLonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. – better known as hip hop mogul Common – is bringing hope back to the city of Chicago with the 4th Annual Common Ground Foundation Gala and Fundraiser.

Here’s why this event will be a major step in the right direction for our kids of Chicago: First and foremost, Common Ground (which was founded by the lyricist himself) was created in effort to expose Chicago’s youth to new opportunities through creative artistry. In doing this, the organization is taking these kids off the street and using their idle time constructively. Common Ground offers a youth summer camp as well as mentoring programs covering health, personal finance, music and dance instructional classes, and more.

Secondly, its founder Common was once one of the kids he’s helping. Common grew up on the Southside of Chicago raised by a single mother; he is no stranger to the life that quite a few of these children are living.

Lastly, the event will include and honor major pioneers in the arts industry such veteran actor Danny Glover, professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston, and more, joining a revered company of honorees that includes writer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.

Magic Johnson and Common

This amazing event will raise money and awareness of the organization and its programs. Taking place on Saturday March 29th at the Chicago Fairmont Hotel, the elite guest will enjoy live performances, networking opportunities, as well as dinner and a silent auction. Artist, athletes, activist, and philanthropist will collectively, encourage, and celebrate the bright futures of the kids of Common Ground.


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