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Ryan Dempster is a starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs and has over thirteen years of MLB experience. He has been with the Cubs for the past eight years! His daughter, Riley, was born in 2009 with the genetic disorder 22q, which prompted him and his wife to start the Dempster Family foundation. The disease is a chromosomal abnormality that causes a very wide range of health issues. Not only does the disease cause developmental issues, but it also is the source of heart defects, autism, and immune system problems. Currently, a cure does not exist and children suffering from the disease require significant medical attention.

I strongly urge you to support the cause. A night filled with mingling with sports celebrities, dining on fabulous food & drinks, gambling, & bidding in a unique auction will be taking place at the Palmer House Hilton on July 20th. Ryan and Jenny Dempster are hosting their second annual Casino Night benefiting the Dempster Family Foundation. The Dempster Family Foundation supports those suffering with 22q11.2 deletion (DiGeorge Syndrome/VCFS). Help raise awareness and support research of the disease by attending this extraordinary event. General Admission, along with “high roller”, tickets are still available through the Foundation’s website:

The Ryan and Jenny Dempster Family Foundation aims to support families with children suffering from 22q. The foundation gives back through increased awareness, monetary grants to charities, and programs. Researching for early detection of the disorder and helping children gain confidence and strength is of utmost importance. Along with supporting research and awareness, the Dempster Foundation helps foster a network for the families affected by the disease. This network allows families to determine the best treatment path for the diagnosed and connect with others enduring the same difficult situation.

Kaitlin Kelly, Intern


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