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Hello there! This is Katie Rose Cronin, Billy’s Executive Assistant. While he’s traveling throughout Asia (you just have to check out his pics here, they are truly unreal!) I wanted to take a moment to share a cool story about the Chaz and Roger Ebert, such a great Chicago couple celebrating a huge accomplishment! Thirty-five years ago Roger Ebert  and Gene Siskel made history in Chicago with the first ever televised movie review show, Sneak Previews, later to become Siskel & Ebert, Ebert & Roeper and At The Movies.  On January 21, 2011, history was made again when Roger and Chaz Ebert brought back one of the longest running shows in television history. Now called, EBERT PRESENTS AT THE MOVIES, it is produced in Chicago, in the studios of  public television station, WTTW, Channel 11, where it is aired on Friday nights at 8:30 pm, and repeated on Saturday morning at 11 am. But it is a national show and airs  in over 90% of the country on over 320 public television stations nationwide, and in all of the top 50 stations in the country.

Roger and Chaz are celebrating the launch of EBERT PRESENTS AT THE MOVIES with a bash at the Peninsula Hotel in mid-March.

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  1. Adam Dick

    I love Roger and Chaz and am so happy to see his show return to its original home. Thank you for reporting on this, and for championing a true Chicago hero!


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