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UPDATE 11/25: We have just found that this beloved gorilla passed away this morning.  In an official statement released by the zoo, Megan Ross, vice president of Animal Care said, “We have been watching the mother and infant very closely since the birth and felt cautiously optimistic that the baby was healthy and being cared for appropriately.  We are all surprised and very saddened by this tragic turn of events.”

The birth of a baby girl gorilla was announced at the Lincoln Park Zoo on Monday (11/18)! Mother, Bana, was originally from Brookfiled Zoo but was transferred over to Lincoln Park Zoo in hopes to find a mate. It was the first time Bana had given birth and Dad, Kwan, has been very protective and close to mother and baby. This baby gorilla happens to be the first Western lowland gorilla born at the zoo since 2005 and she is the 49th gorilla born at Lincoln Park Zoo.!

The Regenstein Center for African Apes initially closed to the public for the birth of the baby, so the gorillas could have time to adjust and ensure proper caretaking by staff. However, it re-opened Tuesday morning & the baby gorilla made its public debut!  The baby Western Iownland is still unnamed, but we are excited to welcome her to our city!

Rhea Drougas

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