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Totally forgot I talked in to my intern’s camera (see video) the night we ran around lollapalooza for lady gaga’s concert before I hosted the rock the vote party later that evening with gaga’s dj lady starlight and her opening band semi precious weapons of her monster ball tour… looking back at this random silly video its pretty cool to see what it’s like to be that close, see how beautiful the skyline is looking back at it with 40,000 fans screaming, walking back into the middle of it all when hanging with friends in the crowns & pink feathers (one being Hayden Panettiere from “heroes”), and just feeling the energy from all perspectives!  above all- lady gaga is an incredible performer & told an inspiring story of how 3 yrs ago, there were just a handful of people at her stage and people teased her & told her she couldn’t do it, but she had a dream & her persistence made her dream come true!

Lollapalooza brings over 80,000 people & raises $13 million for the city of chicago each year.. so shout out to c3 who produces lolla as they just do an amazing job, make huge contributions to the city of chicago in so many different ways, and really just make so many of us happy w/all their amazing efforts & talents— can’t wait til next year!

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