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Learn about the upcoming Lemonade Day happening at Millennium Park from Scott Issen, CEO of the Future Founders Foundation!

Entrepreneurship takes root at an early age in the U.S. through lemonade stands, candy sales, and snow shoveling services.

For the people who launched lemonade stands as children – did you calculate your gross or net profits? Did you know the difference between the two?


As CEO of the Future Founders Foundation, we believe in empowering students to create work opportunities for themselves instead of having to depend on others to give them jobs. In doing so, we teach students the skills they need to succeed in the business world and beyond.

That’s also why we start early. Our Lemonade Day Chicago program teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to elementary school students who are as young as seven years old.

Lemonade Day is just one of our programs that encourages low-income youth in Chicago to explore new careers, with a focus on entrepreneurship.

For the 2013-14 school year, we are serving over 6,000 students in 2nd-12th grades in 50 schools across Chicago.

Our mission is to expose low-income students to various routes of success by connecting them to some of the city’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs.We provide business mentoring and volunteers who have the unique experience of seeing up-close how their donated time is making an impact. We would not be able to function without our volunteers. We need working professionals to mentor our students, sharing their successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way.


If you’re looking to make a positive impact on Chicago and help maintain its image as a hub for business and innovation, consider getting involved with us. On Saturday, May 31 from 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. our youngest entrepreneurs will be in Millennium Park showcasing their first business ventures. Come out, quench your thirst with a glass of ice-cold lemonade and get to know the city’s next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. For more details, visit

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