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The city of Chicago, especially the guests at my spot, Sunda, was all up in arms last night as the cast of Glee paid us a visit & dined late night. The cast were all super nice, approachable, generous and even were the ones that suggested taking this pic w/my sunda general manager aeron lancero when he mentioned his kids were fans (Sure ur “kids” are the fans aeron.. Haha).. Great sports.. Even took more pics w our guests and signed autographs… Must like us chicagoans!?
Actually, they must love us, they said usually eat room service when travelling, but said no way to that when hit chicago! I hear they’re in town while on their national tour and performing tonight and tomorrow night at Rosemont. I’m not too familiar with the show but it’s apparant a lot of you are – someone even told me you call yourselves “Gleeks?”
For those of you totally in the dark, Glee is a show on Fox that’s still relatively new, been on for just 2 seasons now but has take the world by storm and has totally transformed the way people think about high school glee choirs! The cast does all their own singing and dancing and I guess that’s the best part, the fact that they are all extremely talented!
Anyway, I hear they loved the food and atmosphere so much, they might be coming back again tonight? If you can’t catch them at Sunda or attend their concert, Glee is on Fox tonight with their most talked about episode yet – all Lady Gaga songs….I can only imagine!

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