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Travie McCoy, lead singer of Gym Glass Heroes, is as you know, the indelible gold-selling group that credits local Pete Wentz as a buddy and collaborator. Travie has taken a quick break from the band to bust out a solo album, the famed Lazarus which of course features the monster hit “Billionaire” with Mr. Bruno Mars. Well I have great news Travie McCoy fans! He’s here in concert tomorrow – Friday, March 25  and I have 3 pairs of tickets for you!

He’ll be performing at 5:30pm at one of my favorite venues in the city, Metro (3730 N Clark St). Travie has also brought along XV, Donnis, Bad Rabbits and Black Cards for the evening.

If you want a chance at winning a pair here’s what you need to do : Comment below on why you love Travie McCoy AND why you think Metro rocks! Best 3 comments win a pair of tickets!

Sidenote….if you bring your concert ticket in to Rockit Wrigley (we’re just down the street) after the show, we’ll give you 20% off — BONUS!

Have at it guys – winners announced 5pm TONIGHT!

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  1. Jon Espino

    Travi McCoy is awesome because he’s genuine and honest with his music. And if you listened to his song “Billionaire” you’ll see he’s charitable too.

    The Metro is also an awesome venue because it showcases artists that haven’t hit mainstream popularity but are well on their way. They also host a lot of local and indie bands bringing talent into the light that would otherwise go unheard.

  2. Rachelle

    I saw him at Congress a few years ago when he opened for the Roots, it would be awesome to see how much he’s grown since then! And who doesn’t love the Metro, they always have some of the best shows and you don’t feel like you just gave up a whole paycheck to see it!

  3. Billy Zureikat

    I love travie because he used to go by Travis McCoy and now its travie…My names bill but now i go by billy. So we both share the same bad ass name change. In addition, I love his music and I like him hate Katy Perry. Secondly, the Metro is an awesome venue because you can really enjoy the music and feel alot closer to the artist unlike other venues. So seriously, hook me up so i can bond with my boy travie…

    formerly bill

  4. Fazeel Shah

    I enjoy listening to and respect Travie McCoy for the following three reasons:
    1) His songs speak to a broad audience. Whether you’re old, young, black, white, fat, skinny, you can enjoy a Travie McCoy song. This type of appeal is reminiscent from the good ol’ days of Mr. Michael Jackson.

    2) He’s like Shakespeare, only more enjoyable. The first time I heard “Girlfriend” feat Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, I was instantly in awe. The song had a hybrid feel to it, a mix of old and new. The song itself was entertaining because it was so real that anyone could relate to it, yet at the same time you could enjoy the hyperbole, the metaphors, and sincerity of expression. The song had more literary mechanisms than most songs out today.

    3) His songs are classic, at least in my eyes. Each one is timeless and any tome a Travie McCoy/ Gym Class Hero song comes on its back down to Nostalgia Road. Isn’t that what songs are supposed to do to the listeners anyway?

  5. Mark Bryan

    + The reason why I enjoy Travie McCoy is because of his unique style in the music industry. He has a great new album that is out now which has a mix of mainstream stuff to play on the radio & some great flow that is staying original to who he is. It is also great that he can separate himself from his group & make a name, a brand out of himself..Which is always great to see someone do.

    + The Metro ROCKS, 1. Cause it IS in Chicago and 2. Its just an awesome place for an artist to really reach out to their fans/ just relax & listen to some GOOD music! If you haven’t been there before, its definitely once place you absolutely have to one time in your life!


  6. Maria

    I love Travie McCoy because his music is beyond amazing. His voice is so original and he doesnt just stick to one genre of music. Plus his killer looks are a major bonus. The Metro rocks because you can be anywhere in that venue and you have an awesome view! The location is amazing and its the perfect size for a show. Have yet to have a bad experience there.

  7. Donna

    Love his songs. Met him 3 years ago at Warped and he was just such a sweetheart. Would love to see him in concert again! Plus its my sister’s birthday and it would be an awesome gift!

  8. Lori j

    I love travie bc his music rocks and always good to party too! And the metro hands down has awesome shows and always a good time

  9. Tiffany

    The reason why I love Travie McCoy is because I have been following him since his Gym Class Heroes days..when no one was really doing or performing the same kind of music they were establishing. He’s a great solo artist on his own now, I love his new album..he got some amazing featured/collabo artists with him on the tracks! And who doesn’t love a guy that has THAT many tats! 🙂

    Metro MUST rock because every time I try to go to an event at their venue its completely sold out! I have never been but I do look forward to AT LEAST one time this year!

  10. Gabrielle

    I can embellish my words about Travie McCoy, but really, let me put it simply: Travie McCoy is awesome! I really loved Gym Class Heroes and seeing him do his own thing has been cool. At first, I was skeptical but then I saw his performance on Jimmy Fallon’s late show and knew that I had to get his new album asap.
    Plus, to see him at Metro would be perfect. Metro is definitely one of my favorite concert venues in Chicago. I always prefer the smaller venues. It’s a more intimate setting to hear and see your favorite artists. I’ve seen various concerts including several Ska Fests, Taking Back Sunday, CSS, etc. The people who work there are great. (The security is awesome about stopping guys who are moshing from elbowing me in the face. Haha) My friends and I are always happy to go see a show at the Metro.

  11. Richie Almeyda

    Travie McCoy is one of my favorite artists of all time!! I have every album even from when he was in gym class heros! His songs are classic and he is a very talented artist! I have never been to a concert but I would love to check him out live!!

    I went to the metro last week for the first time last saturday, I had a blast! I was at Reaonance and the metro is my favorite spot to go to for a concert hands down!! It would be a dream to see travie live on stage. He is very inspiring to me!

  12. G. Marisa Perez

    Travie McCoy has some great tunes . . . obviously billionaire. . I LOVE well b allright and need u!!! He does his own thing and doesnt follow trends. Any good artist will always choose The Metro!!! My first time there was in early 2000 for my !st date!!!

  13. Patty

    Love Travie Mccoy because he made the song Billionaire …. Listening to this song brings up so much feelings in me that it helps keep me focused on BIG DREAMS that I have 🙂 ….And the Metro rocks because it’s in CHICAGO … thee best city on the planet!! 😉

  14. Sandra

    I love the fact that when Travie was younger he taught art at the Boys & Girls club! It is great when people can help children learn.

    The Metro is an awesome venue because it showcases artists that haven’t hit mainstream popularity but are well on their way to the big time!!

  15. Jules F

    I love Travie because in addition to being totally hot..he does bad boy the right way. If you’re going to get in trouble let it be for spray painting the Berlin Wall and for hitting a racist over the head with your microphone.

    The Metro is the best because from the 80’s to now the people they have hosted have literally been a who’s who of cool bands and I love the size of the venue which is PERFECT.

  16. Christina Wnek

    Travis McCoy is one talented DUDE!!!! And to see him at the metro would be THE BOMB!!!! The first show I ever saw at Metro was P.I.L….followed by Echo and the Bunnymen…Suicidal Tendencies…and the list goes on and on!!! yOU ROCK bILLY FOR GIVING AWAY ALL THIS COOL STUFF!!!!!!

  17. B.M.

    I like Travie mccoy because he is an awesome lyricist & performer…he knows how to get a crowd hyped up and into it! It would be great to see him because I’ve been bumping his songs in my car all week! Metro is a great place to be closer to your favorite performers, its cool to have a place to go to like this in IL.

  18. Arthur M.

    I think Travie McCoy is pretty awesome because he tells it like it is and is very talented!

    Metro rocks because that’s where I officially went to see my first (Evanescence) concert!

  19. Sandra A

    I would live to see Travie McCoy because he’s talented, and I think he would have a great show

    Metro is the place to party.

  20. quinnie

    i want to see TRAVIS because i am pregnant with his baby and it’s time to talk child support and nursery color themes. ya hear?

  21. Victoria

    Metro Rocks because they get alot of great concerts there & it is a great intimate venue to see shows at. Plus it is in the Best part of the city in Wrigleyville.

    The Best bar in the city is also only a half block away Rockit Wrigleyville.

    Travie McCoy is an awesome musician & Gym Class Heroes rock completely Plus u have Pete Wentz’s new band Black Cards as one of the opening acts. I would love to see both perform later.

    Plus I plan on having dinner & drinks at Rockit b4 & after the show.


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