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Hey Chicago! This is Katie Quick, singer/songwriter and former Chicago Public School teacher here to tell you about my latest project, and how YOUR involvement can help inspire thousands of kids around country!

I began my journey teaching 6th grade on Chicago’s south side.  I used my music in the classroom as a way to motivate and inspire my inner-city kids, and even though it helped bring them much-needed success, I realized that I could be an even better teacher outside the classroom.  So in 2007, I left my teaching job not only to pursue my career in music, but to show my students that anything was possible.  Since then, I found tons of success as an independent artist, recording two albums, touring the world, winning awesome contests like the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and most recently appearing in Broadway’s Rock of Ages and on ABC’s Katie Couric Show.  But my proudest accomplishment came in 2010, when I developed and launched The Fingertips Program, an inspirational school assembly that combines live music and motivational speaking, encouraging students to find their passion and follow their dreams.  My life had finally come full circle. Over 100 schools and 50,000 students later, I am still on that same mission to inspire.  In order to do so, I must continue being the example of someone who will stop at nothing to achieve her dream.

This is why I need your help.  I have until April 4th to raise the funds necessary to record my third studio album.  Once I reach my all-or-nothing goal of $10,000, I will be donating two Fingertips Program assemblies to schools in need, free of charge.  For every $500 over my goal, I will be donating yet another assembly.  So as you can see, this project is about so much more an album.  It’s about showing these kids that even the most impossible dream can be reached.  To pledge for some great rewards, please visit my Kickstarter page below, or you can link directly through my website at  Thank you so much for always supporting me, Chicago.

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Katie Quick 

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