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You guys, for real, we need to talk more about wearing adorable wigs, facing our demons, taking medication to prevent us from carving the names of ex-boyfriends into our arms, and the decapitated heads of rabbits. Or if you’d rather not brave these subjects together, I can sing you some ditties about them on this cute little EP I’m putting out this week called “Fun Size.”

Hello, my name is Homer Marrs and I’d like to take you on an excellent adventure.

funsize Coming up real soon is the debut of this quick collection of songs I and several friends have spent a year meticulously grooming like Marcia Brady with her hair every morning—each snag untangled painstakingly so it can fall into place just right to make you smile a little brighter when you see it. Hear it. Whatever, it’s not a perfect analogy.

The point is Marcia Brady is still relevant.

“Fun Size” is an extended play comprising five different songs meant to taste different from one another yet still fit in the same candy bag. The array of flavors to me speaks to the diversity of Chicago’s music scene, which, to sound like a grad-school douche for a second, one might say is a microcosm of the city’s cultural expanse itself. This is a town where you can go to the same club to see an introspective acoustic act one night, a rock’n’soul dance party the next, and unbridled drag queens running amok the third. And there are still four nights left in your week!

homer candy

While “Fun Size” isn’t quite as all over the map as that, it does aim to pair each of its five tracks to one of your five basic tastes—sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. (That is totally something we thought of before recording and not just right now because it sounds clever.)

The lineup at Door No. 3 for our release show will be just as flavorful. Cloudstomper opens with his unique indie-acoustic-electro-soul, Dylan Rice croons a sexy solo set, and Big Dammit bring their up-tempo rock, roll and horns together for what might be the last time. I hope you can join us. And if not, there’s always this.

Check out “It’s Amazing”

To buy tickets for Fun Size, click HERE!

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