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Last week when meeting w/ discovery channel, I was asked to take out the heads of casting & development for tlc while they were here casting for something in chicago.  Being the kind, welcoming & enthusiastic chicago host that I am, I said sure!  Well, it was last night- and as much as I originally thought there wasn’t anything going on, and it was just another night in chicago, and that they might get bored tagging along with me… looking back… I think they might have had the time of their lives and we just earned a couple new fans of our city!?!  Check this out:

6p- I take them as my guests to president obama’s “welcome home party” vip reception at the hyatt… saying hello to friends like jay cutler, tracey magrette, the president’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett,… to 100 other of chicago’s most influential politicians, influencers, localcelebs, philanthropists,… they are wondering what the heck is going on for sure-

7p- take them to main room getting them only 5 rows back from the president of the united states himself who is literally speaking right at them!  Realizing this never happens for out of towners (or I guess anyone really?), I begin to notice this may be a night to remember!  My favorite quote from the president last night was “I’m from chicago, I don’t break!” (got to see clip above, toward end- so good!)

8p- I have a car roll up and takes us to rockit so I can show them a good ol chicago eatery where the locals hang after work with friends… they are wide eyed and love how everyone is so lively and having fun eating, talking, laughing, being Chicagoans!

815p- I take them to sunda for dinner because heard it got “best new restaurant” in chicago social… I spend the whole time bragging about our city and why we love serving Chicagoans…

845p- they get to see into my past when I intro them to my 3rd grade teacher from st.clements who happened to be there!  Mrs reade, so amazing- oh my first crush…

945p- I show them our corp offices and explain how we work behind the scenes to constantly elevate the level of entertainment in chicago and get it the exposure & respect it deserves.  They start talking about how they really need to call it a night because of the big day, I convince them to see more of what’s happening in the city, they say ok but just for a bit.

1030p- I take them to the underground to a super cool party for grossman & jack, a leading chicago talent agency (who got me the part on “nightmare on elm street”), so they can see our city’s talent come together first hand in one of their favorite nightlife environments. And then somehow tequila comes out… bad move, but gets me an extension to show them more.

11p- i decide to show them the northside (or someone did, after the tequila probably), and we end up at minibar in boystown!  The staff is so super cool & welcoming, the place is just total fun, and they laid out a table & a couple bottles for us upon our arrival… so we keep partying… I mean, so not to waste their generous offerings- of course.

12a- uh, my guests get crazy and I can’t talk about it online- too funny- still saying they need to get up early for that big day- yet still having a blast!

1a- I take them for late night food at the weiner circle for ridiculous harassment and juicy carbs galore… and so much sick harassment I can tell they are mortified- and loving it- as the profanities are flying- one of the girls behind the counter find out I am with people in casting and one screams “bitch, put me on bridezillas!” 

130a- I put them in a cab hoping they make it to the hotel ok & wake up for their 830a! 

Hmmm… wonder what they are thinking?  Did I do my job and earn the city new fans? Or did I just plain ruin their big work day today (oops) ? know they meant to quit night earlier… but just too much coolness in chicago to call it quits… especially if they are here to tag along with me while I’m enjoying my city… need to know…  “I’m from chicago, I don’t break!”

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  1. Mayte Fernandez

    My dear Billy of course they had fun, you are a great host can´t think of a better plan to show what Chicago has to offer..!


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