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Long story short, I changed my name on twitter on my bday last Friday from @BillyDec to @BD thinking it was the smartest thing to do being less characters, so unique, so hard to get.. But immediately a ton of people said they didn’t like the name change at all! Did I make a mistake?!? Help me decide what my name should be, vote here now please! Will go with the name with the most votes by next Friday (11/11/11) at 5p. Here are just a few of the comments from people about it in case helps, and feel free to leave your own comments below or on my twitter or facebook pages. Thanks! Signed, no name guy (til Friday).

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  1. Rafael Zepeda

    I agree with the majority,….everybody including myself would not have a clue with BD…On the other hand “BillyDec” is your trademark and you should put a patent on it…


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