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If you follow me on twitter & facebook, you saw that last Saturday night a woman at rockit seriously asked me if I could help find her a good guy, as she put it, that’s “nice, ambitious, honest, funny… & will grab my ass & spank me.” well, as crazy or funny as this sounds, both men & women, of all ages & backgrounds, are constantly asking me for help to find the right match for them… My answer? Why me!?

I’m kidding, kind of. I usually offer suggestions that force them to look in areas they would never imagine, being open & positive toward new conversation & experiences that may be a possibility in those new creative circumstances, and just to enjoy all that may come along with it without expecting anything to become your final desired outcome. See, again, why me!?

Feeling completely unqualified, I decided to have my friends at vh1’s “tough love” bring their hit matchmaking show to cast here for ya! this Saturday (1/8) from 11am-5pm at Rockit (22 w hubbard), the casting directors and master matchmakers are gonna be here for you to see who all is up for the challenge of figuring out what they’re doing wrong and teach them how to find mr. right… For more info, click here!

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