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I tweeted this pic of these african lions letting us come super close on safari in kapama/kruger park a couple days ago and randomly amongst the shared appreciation for the beauty & closeness of these wild animals, i got more than a few retweets back complimenting the world cup hat I have on that i picked up in capetown last week. Random! You want one!?

I’d be happy to bring a couple hats back for some of you 24.3 million usa world cup watchers who have been following my african adventure on facebook & twitter, but even better, I want to represent as always and inspire all to cheer on our hometown team (as I have from here since everyone asks how our “football” team is), so got a bunch of tix to a chicago fire game that I’m giving away to fans for free!

Just have your friends hit me out here in africa on twitter &/or facebook telling me why I should choose you to win amongst the bunch by 5p tues aug 17th! Winners chosen by most support, will get 2 free tix, a free parking pass & free chicago fire soccer scarves.. All for the big match this weds aug 18th against the new england revolution!

also, check out video of me back in january w/ chicago fire forward brian mcbride and midfielder logan pause at rockit to unveil their new jerseys for this season!  great catching up & talking with them because last time i saw brian, my buddy david schwimmer & i were in beijing for the olympics & actually ate breakfast with brian and the entire olympic usa soccer team every morning before the games! check the video to hear their thoughts about the season and chicago fans- who are the best!! read more to learn about the chicago fire & the world cup!

chicago fire
the chicago fire was founded on october 8, 1997 on the 126th anniversary of the great chicago fire and is one of chicago’s seven professional sports teams.  in just 13 years, they have won a MLS cup title and established themselves as a leading soccer team.  their logo is derived from the standard style of a fire departments crest and incorporates the six pointed chicago star.  toyota park, located in bridgeview, is home to the chicago fire and incorporates american and traditional european design styles which distinguishes itself as a unique soccer field in the us!  for more info & tickets, visit!

world cup
the fifa world cup is an international competition with the men’s national soccer teams that is held every four years & takes place over about a month.  history was forever changed when a group of french football adminstrators, led by jules rimet thought of the idea of bringing the world’s strongest national soccer teams together to compete for a world championship title.  the first tournament was held in uruguay in 1930 w/  six european countries .  the tournament was held three times before world war II put it on a 12 year hiatus.  as soon as it resumed, it rapidly grew in popularity and as the greatest sporting event in the world with an audience of over 715 million people.  it is an event for all to enjoy & soccer players all over the world dream of the glistening, golden trophy!

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