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Hi all! This is Amy Shah from Billy’s office posting this story while he is gone traveling in Asia (check out his awesome pics documenting his travels on facebook & twitter!).  I thought it would be cool to share this story about Natalie Slater of Bake & Destroy.  I met Natalie a few months back when Rockit Wrigley hosted a Rocker Tweetup with experts in social media and what it takes to incorporate rock & roll in your business.

Natalie caught my attention as soon as I read her motto: “The world is your cupcake dudes! So make it rad!”  I was so interested to hear her story & learned that Natalie has a love for two things: baking and punk/metal music.  What I admire most about Natalie is that she breaks through any stereotypes & follows her passion to create something totally unique & true to who she is.  Natalie’s blog, Bake & Destroy, hosts numerous, highly creative recipes (inspired from punk/metal music), an online shop (w/ awesome vintage pieces & bake and destroy items), and gives readers an insight to her personal life & organizations she is passionate about.  She doesn’t usually sell any of her baked goods- she has a 9-5 job, is the mother of an adorable boy Teno (who she recently started a completely different blog on, Teno Destructo), and a loving wife- but instead uses her blog as a forum to communicate with her fans & encourage them to create recipes that are their own.  In addition to hosting her blog, she has been a judge on the Food Network’s pilot for Cupcake Wars, a regular on Chicago Tonight & has been featured in many magazines.

Natalie has used the power of social media to connect with her fans & enhance her brand while staying true to her passions- check out my interview above with Natalie to learn more about her brand & advice she has for new bloggers- she truly is rad!

AND, make sure to pick up a copy of Bust on March 29th- Natalie’s whoopie pie recipe will be featured in the food issue!

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  1. Natalie

    Thanks for inviting me out, that was a fun night! The issue of Bust featuring my recipe is on sale March 29 – my bad!


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