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It’s absolutely no secret that I adore all things Irish (have you seen me on the streets between March 16th-18th, I’m a blissful mess) and all things Christmas (I may or may not tear up at the sight of a lit Christmas tree).  So when I stumbled upon Irish Christmas in America, I had to take some deep breaths, remind myself I’m not 8 years old anymore and dove right into finding out more about this fantastic fusion!

Oisin Mac Diarmada is the mastermind behind this insanely popular tour – he hails from the award-winning Irish group, Teada. Irish Christmas in America is comprised of top Irish musicians, singers and dancers and features Lumiere, one of the most talked about vocal groups to come out of the emerald isle as of late.

Not only is the show family friendly but it’s taking place at Old Town School of Folk Music, a wonderful, whimsical performing arts school, actually they’re the biggest independent community arts school in the country and they’re right here in Chicago. On December 14th if you’re in the mood for Irish ballads, Christmas carols, fine fiddle action and some serious Irish dancing, click here:,  pick up a couple tickets and hit me up, I’ll be the one in the front row clutching my Irish family ancestry tree and singing along at the top of my lungs.

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