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Ladies, go out!

Shari Duffy here, owner and founder of Shari Duffy Events.

Wind, sleet, and snow cannot keep a great Chicago Woman at home. That is, if there is something worth seeing or doing that outweighs the warmth of a fire and perfect glass of red wine. That’s where I come in. For almost 3 years I have been trying to create perfect reasons for women and men to get cleaned up, gas up the car, put on a smile and make some new friends without breaking the bank.

It’s not an easy task – the economy is not at it’s strongest and women, especially moms, need to pick and choose their activities and adventures. Being a mom myself, weekends are for me to focus on my girls and family, so my only option to “go out” under the radar and with a help of a great sitter is Monday thru Thursday.

I envisioned after having my first child taking a few weeks to get back into the swing of things, followed by a fun girls’ nights out at least twice a month. The reality? I awakened from my post-baby stupor 1,000 days later to realize I’d been out with my friends only three times in three years and all of my clothes were from 2005. I was not having adult fun, and was not back to normal. I wanted to go on Spring Break, but would be confused as someone’s parent. I tried to have play dates with other moms, but drinking at 3pm in a kitchen with children crying and screaming just did not bode well and I always left with a headache.

So here we are: Shari Duffy Events. I am no Spring Chicken, edging on 39 this March, so neither are most of my guests. My patrons are a perfect mix of 25-60 every race, every nationality, every everything, and I love it this way.


Ladies Night Chicago started because I used to have a lot of fun – what happened?! As women, we want to connect with cool women rather than stay home and watch Real Housewives reruns. We also like to pamper ourselves once in a while without any guilt. And that’s what I am about. I combine fun, thrills, treats, and eats that will satisfy the cravings for awesome adventures, new personal and professional connections, and even a little culture. Can you name another gal in Chicago who does that consistently??

So do me a favor right now and get out your calendar. Make a plan to launder those dry clean–only clothes gathering dust in the back of your closet. I’ve got a few events coming up that you’d have to be crazy to miss! And look for me there. I’ll be the gal with the big smile on my face, celebrating my guests their attributes and careers and hoping everyone feels relaxed, sexy, and extra special. Because we all should feel and be treated amazing all the time.


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