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Hey all! Let’s have more movies film in Chicago! How?! Support the risk taking super talents like everyone behind this movie, out today! Enjoy this funny behind the scenes video I am in w/Jeff Garlin, Bo Burnham, Gillian Jacobs, Tim Blake Nelson & more…along with this great note below from Director Billy Federighi! Support Chicago! – Billy Dec

“Adventures in the Sin Bin” is Out in Theaters and OnDemand…

I’d like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that my first feature film “Adventures in the Sin Bin” is available today in limited theaters and Ondemand. It’s the coming of age story of a Chicago kid named Brian who has van called “The Sin Bin” that he let’s his friends use to have sex with girls in it. Eventually he wants in on the action and he enlists the cool kid at school to help him finally lose his virginity. Along the way he meets a girl, and a love triangle ensues. On top of all this, Brian’s slacker brother finally returns home and they are all being watched over by the hilarious Chicago cop next door. It’s a really great story that has universal themes for people of all ages – and it’s funny!! The movie stars Michael Seater (“Life with Derek”), Bo Burnham (the hilarious young comedian), Gillian Jacobs (“Community”), Jeff Garlin (Chicagoan and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) and Tim Blake Nelson (“O Brother, Where Art Thou?”).

Why is this on Because I am a local Chicago filmmaker who is trying make more films in our great city. Not only was the film produced here, it was also filmed here and crewed by local Chicagoans!! Most of the contributing actors were also from Chicago (Mr. Billy Dec included). Not to mention, the film is littered with great Chicago references. Most of the props are from Chicago companies (Portillo’s, Vitner’s, Old Style, and Intelligentsia) and the famous van was made to look like an old hockey supply van from Chicago’s own Gunzo’s Hockey Supply. I wanted to share a little Behind the Scenes Feature to give you all a sense of what it takes to make a movie and to hopefully whet your appetite to see the film. Thanks.

Billy Federighi

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