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While sitting in BD’s office, someone mentioned seeing Billy on MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen for Maestro Harrell’s Chicago birthday party (click here for the video!). Of course we had to look up the episode and watch it for ourselves! Being filmed almost four years ago in August of 2007, we all became curious as to where Maestro is today. After a little research and contacting Maestro directly, we’ve got the scoop!

For those that may not know, Maestro is a self-proclaimed producer, actor, singer, and Chicago native who’s making his way to the top. In 2005, Maestro signed a recording deal with hip-hop producer and mentor Jermaine Dupri. He’s also appeared in movies such as Ali and Barbershop, shot a few commercials, and appeared in a view television shows.

Since the filming of his MTV sixteenth birthday party, Maestro has moved to L.A. and has done episodes of Cold Case, ER, Lie to Me, Suburgatory, and Lifetime’s new series, The Protector. Maestro also did the music for Rihanna’s perfume ad which is pretty cool! He has definitely come a long way since his sixteenth birthday bash and he has big plans for the future. To keep up with Maestro and all his projects, check out his website: Also be sure to check out Maestro’s My Super Sweet Sixteen episode on MTV to see if you can spot Billy!

Dana Ragazinskas, Intern

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