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Mia Hall here, Chef Network Director at Kitchit! I was having coffee this morning with Chuy Valencia, a great Chicago chef and a contestant on Top Chef season 9. Chuy was saying that is a great way for chefs to reach their audience – people like you and me – in their homes.

The concept of Kitchit is pretty simple. We have an amazing network of professional chefs on our site. Members can browse through those chefs to find one who will cook a dinner party in their homes. Call it “private chefs on demand,” or “a point-and-click dinner party.” However you view Kitchit, one thing is clear: having a professional chef in your kitchen makes for good times, good food, and one heck of a good dinner party.

In Chicago, our roster includes Brian Jupiter of Bella Lounge, Chris Pandel of The Bristol, Sarah Grueneberg of Spiaggia, and Beverly Kim & Johnny Clark of Bonsoiree (to name a few).

Kitchit members get instant access to these chefs, and dozens more. We like to showcase all of the great things that our chefs are doing, and bring unique, chef-driven experiences to our members whenever we can. When Kitchit launched in Chicago, we kicked things off with a “Midnight Ramen” pop-up that Grubstreet dubbed the “perfect Chicago foodie event of 2012.” All of which leads me to believe that we’re providing some pretty great perks to both chefs and diners.

Our roster of chefs can cook a meal for any occasion you can dream up, from intimate dinners with friends to special meals to mark life’s major occasions. The whole Kitchit team is incredibly excited to have finally hit Chicago—and our chefs can’t wait to start creating amazing experiences all over Chicagoland. Learn even more here!

How Kitchit works from Kitchit on Vimeo:

Mia Hall

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