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Alix Anne Shaw - TRYST TRUST TRISTE - copy

Hi, readers! Jenny Lam here, and I’m a Chicago artist, independent art curator, and writer. I’m curating an interactive exhibition called LEXICON, opening at the Zhou B Art Center this Friday, June 17. Featuring artwork across all media by over 40 local and international artists, this show won’t include any artist statements; instead, as you make your way through the exhibit, you’ll be able to write what each piece means to you onto Post-it notes and display your interpretations and thoughts next to the art!

 (It’s a follow-up, of sorts, to a show I curated a few years ago called I CAN DO THAT, which was based on the fact that many people go up to contemporary art and say, “I can do that.” So, art supplies were placed in front of each piece, and viewers were invited to either physically change the art to see if they could “improve” it, or try to replicate the art on blank canvases—or whatever other surface the artist had used—to see if they could, indeed, “do that.” It was also named audience choice for “Best Art Exhibit” in NewCity, and it was great fun!)

Sheila Arora - Pick Me

 Setting my shows apart from others, I’m always striving to incorporate audience participation and interaction, make art as accessible as possible, and connect people through art!

 You can view sneak peeks of the artwork in LEXICON—as well as other behind-the-scenes looks and other updates—at my site, Artists on the Lam (which was named “Best Local Arts Blog” in the Chicago Reader) and on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

 Hope to see you on Friday!

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