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Everyone from Chicago knows the story: In October of 1871, a huge fire blazed through the city of Chicago, destroying everything in its path. It was probably caused by infamous O’Leary cow. But whatever the reason, from out of the ashes, Chicago arose a new, bigger and better than ever. Now, coinciding with the 140th anniversary of  the Chicago Fire, the Lookingglass Theatre is inviting Chicagoans to take a deeper look inside this infamous event with the play The Great Fire.

Directed by theatre ensemble member John Musial, who originally put on the play in 1999, The Great Fire shows a time when ordinary people faced extraordinary circumstances. The play attempts to get into the emotion behind the fire and the decisions made because of it. The new production of the play has even more meaning behind it as the Lookingglass’ home is in the Waterworks Pumping Station, one of the only buildings to survive the historical fire.

The Great Fire is playing now until November 20th at The Lookingglass Theatre. For more information & to buy tickets go to:

Dave Lauer, intern

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