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The Fourth of July has just passed but let’s not let the celebration and support for our troops simmer down. There is a new movie out called Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good that has a way of helping us continue to say thank you to our war heroes. The documentary walks you through the coming together of a band after September 11 and how their mission has grown over the years. The movie’s cinematography isn’t just something to be amazed by, but the music is as well.

There is a song written in the movie by Gina Gonzalez, who used to play at Rockit Bar and Grill back in the day and was a local fav! Her song is called “A Letter Home” that really captures the essence of the movie and America.  Watch the movie Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good at  and take a moment to say thank you once more. One out of every fourth dollar of the proceeds goes to the Gary Sinise Foundation, which supports our military, veterans, first responders and their families. The Gary Sinise Foundation also supports other charities such as the USO, Operation International Children and Snowball Express. This movie makes us appreciate how wonderful America truly is and how we can overcome anything with the support of each other.

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