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If scroll down to the Jeremy Piven video below- you will see him making fun of me while we were filming a scene together on entourage insisting that I keep my day job! (ya, I know, he’s right)  

Anywho, the episode finally airs this Sunday (8/2)!  Just whatever you do, don’t blink, you will for sure miss me! (that is, if my ugly mug didn’t hit the cutting room floor already! ugh)

Coolest thing about the experience was that my scene was with 3 huge chicago theatre actors- Gary Cole (Steppenwolf), Jeremy Piven (Piven workshop), and David Schwimmer (lookingglass)!  5 hours filming together on set rapping between scenes about how cool chicago is and how much they miss it!  Come on- do you see the absolute coolness in that?  One of the top shows on tv, actors competing from around the world, and there are 4 people filming around that endeavor table from chicago! (actually, 5! One actress used to work at a bar in wrigleyville while taking acting classes here!)

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