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From dung beetles and rotten fish to fertilized duck eggs and brain tacos, we’ve watched Andrew Zimmern freak us out eating unthinkable things we didn’t even know existed on Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods!” But let me tell you from a personal relationship, he is far more than just able to shock & excite. He’s worldly, intelligent, entertaining, magnetic, funny and well versed in all things culinary & culture- and I really think you should meet him while he is in town next week!

So you know, I also am an Andrew fan in part because he is a huge fan of Chicago, calling us “America’s Greatest Food City” when I interviewed him for the olympics, and recently came to chicago to do a show just on us, actually inviting me to join him  when eating & filming from chicago’s southside (See video above).  Also, how cool of a friend is he to invite a Chicagoan like me to come with him to eat & film in Namibia – will never forget it.

Anyway, I can’t say enough about him, but that you should check him out next Thursday, April 28th, when he’s speaking at Harper College in Palatine, IL. If you can.  He’ll be talking about how foods can be key to a culture’s sustainability & more! Click here for tickets & info, or call (847) 925-6100.

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