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You’ve seen mosaics. You’ve seen photo mosaics. But have you ever heard of 3D Photo Mosaics? Artist Jen McNulty refers to her recent works as 3D Photo Mosaics, which combine the graphic beauty of photography, the sculptural quality of tiled mosaics, and the visual morphing of traditional two-dimensional photomosaics. These works are not flat, printed pieces designed with a computer program, but rather hand-designed reliefs adhered to hundreds of various mosaic tiles. This process is very intricate and time consuming often taking months to complete a piece, as every image is researched. All pieces at exhibition are for sale.

Come meet her and check out her portfolio Saturday, February 1st from 12pm-3pm at the HumanThread Gallery @ Bridgeport Art Center! She will have another exhibition coming up in June at the Oak Park Main Library.


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