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To all those that love cooking and believe in the importance of health, there’s an exciting new group in Chicago called MiniChefz! Led by a driven core of Northwestern alumni, MiniChefz looks to educate underprivileged children on nutrition through the use of weekly cooking workshops. This group of volunteers undergoes extensive training to solidify their cooking skills with chefs in our network and also enhances their teaching skills with instructors in our group. They then travel around northern Chicago visiting different community centers and working with more than 100 children each week.

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The workshops revolve around a meal crafted to include the proper nutrients that every growing child should include in their diet. Seeing that these children have minimal supervision regarding their health, our group intends to give them the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their diet and avoid chronic conditions that plague our society. MiniChefz demonstrates cooking techniques and recipes with our students in each workshop, hoping that they take home their newfound knowledge and translate it into a hearty dinner. We believe that this approach will give our students the ability to learn effectively and carry forth their improved diet into later years.

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MiniChefz has grown tremendously over the last few years and continues to seek opportunities to help our city’s children. We are actively searching for additional sites to spread our work to and are currently also looking for additional chefs to help train our volunteers. Anyone interested in learning more about MiniChefz should email


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