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Take a night out of the week to go out with your family and friends to see this special Christmas tradition! This holiday season is the 28th anniversary with the Music Box!  It all started in 1983, when an operator in Chicago shows two old holiday movies in Christmas Eve. People came out to watch these vintage movies and sing Christmas carols during their intermissions.

By this being able to keep going 27 years later you know many people have made this their favorite family holiday tradition! If you haven’t ever experienced it you should definitely make it a priority this year. When you enter the Music Box Theatre you’re greeted with a jolly hello from Santa Claus.  He even leads you in Christmas carols to classic Christmas songs. If you happen to not know the words to the carols being sung, no worries, lyrics are projected on the theatre’s screen.

The movies that are being played are White Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life. You can see either one or stay for both! You can check out the single and double feature prices here Reserve your tickets today- you don’t want to miss out on this holiday event!

Rhea Drougas

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