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Checkout this quick video mix of a cool event I was at last year while at sundance called Variety Magazine’s “Top 10 directors to watch!” as you can see, I mention how the premieres, celebrity parties, gifting suites & other silliness all appear on my facebook & twitter mostly, so make sure you click on those and get connected before I land there tomorrow as this year should be amazing!

the video above is also very cool to me because illinois film office director betsy steinberg talks about all the benefits of filming in our great city/state while showing a reel of all the great movies & tv shows we have shot here for the world to enjoy– I hope you enjoy it too and spread this in effort to bring more our way!

If you happen to be at sundance, make sure you hit me on facebook or twitter, and maybe we’ll hookup. I know i’ll be hosting a cool lil party with independent movie producers, supporters, industry.. called “Chicago at sundance!” it’s Saturday night 1/22/11 co-hosted by brenda sexton, Chaz Ebert, Lester Coney, Christie Hefner, Linda Yu, The Peninsula Chicago, Garrett Popcorn, Eli’s Cheesecake, & more!

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  1. Donna LaMontagna

    Chicago is a great place to live, visit , and FILM!
    It is a friendly, RECOGNIZABLE globla city and viewers enjoy seeing CHICAGO on film —so let’s


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