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That seems like such a random title I know, but I have a personal ribfest every july 4th and I thought this would be the perfect video to share to kick it all off! This video is truly hilarious & fun for me- probably because its part ribs, part chicago, and part a super fun, talented & entertaining friend of mine visiting town, andrew Zimmern… enjoy!

Andrew basically called me a couple weeks ago when landed in Chicago to film at Uncle John’s Barbecue on the southside, to help him eat!!! We tackled Uncle John’s, a vast menu of rib tips, hot links, spare ribs and more! pit master Mark Sevier was smoking it up over a variety of woods including, oak, elm and mulberry… and I pounded it all… I think even Andrew was impressed!

Speaking of, how cool is his show?? Traveling all around the world to try bizarre foods!?!?! My dream job.  And Interestingly to note, many people who follow me on twitter and facebook, asked me when I was joining andrew on set, why ribs are a “bizarre food?”  to me that’s the coolest thing about the show, being in over 70 countries, there are bound to be people out there that think our normal food, is bizarre!  Just as we think a lot of what he eats, is absolutely mind blowing… btw, if you haven’t watched the show, you are severely missing out! you can catch the episode of the chicago shoot above in the fall, and more on andrew and the show on

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