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I can’t really get myself to write something about my total chicago 2016 experience yet, as I said i would in my  blog airing my cnn interview live from Copenhagen. As you can see from my footage in the chicago 2016 olympic decision viewing room,  it was a crushing blow to all with a deadly silence & sadness after. But I will say that the totally feelings about all are enormously positive. Unfortunately, really just too positive to wrap my head around it all and express it in words. So, what better way to really let you know what is in my head as I keep getting requests on twitter, but to leave you with a phone call I got minutes after the decision was made, as I walked into the public celebratory party in the streets of Copenhagen that I video blogged about two posts down, when I took this call and went live on tv for I don’t know how many viewers across the country-

I have to say, although again my total experience was enormously positive (yes, even including the official rio victory party I attended & shared with you last night), at this moment I had a stunned, paralyzed honesty going on that you sometimes can only find in people when they are so crushed & defeated that they can no longer keep their fight up, and it all comes spilling out… anyway, I hope you my fellow Chicagoans who I love the most pay particular attention to the last minute of this tv interview… as I sincerely meant it… and from that I expect very good things will come of us going forward… to accomplish more great things for ourselves and for the rest of the world… I know I am excited to be a part of that movement… in any way you need me… thanks, billy.

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