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If you missed it on nbc after “saturday night live,” here’s the “lxtv: 1st look” feature where I’m interviewed about vip/celebrity guests (mayer, kanye, simpson, beckham..) at the underground, right after a feature on my fav hotel (and spa) of all time, the peninsula chicago!

I was especially amazed how immediately after the show aired, my twitter & facebook followers from los angeles to nyc to dallas, all reached out to say they watched and loved it- so thanks lxtv for keeping chicago’s greatness in the limelight! We appreciate you!

speaking of VIP services & treats, click here to check out a quick fun video i took of my underground partner ben newby when he competed in the GQ / Bombay sapphire national top mixologist contest in vegas last month!  we are so psyched to find out after thousands of applicants across the country, not only did he win #1 in chicago, but he won top 5 in the usa!  join us this thursday night for a cocktail showcase featuring ben newby from 9-11pm, RSVP:

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