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On a day when unemployment in this country is at it’s highest- since before most of us started being old enough to work- it comes with great excitement to announce that we are putting about 125 new Chicago jobs out there in the next couple weeks with a new project we just signed to open a Rockit Bar & Grill across from Wrigley Field- to open in less than 60 days- in time for opening of Cubs Season!  Can’t believe I am announcing a new project before our current New Asian Restaurant project Sunda technically opens to the public tonight (which was 150 new Chicago jobs- and this group is truly amazing!).

I know the economic environment is scary, but we are pushing through and investing in this city as much as possible.  We all need to just keep creating more positive energy, action, excitement,… anyway we can… and all will be good soon!  And thank you Chicago friends for allowing us to grow- by always supporting our venues- we promise to keep throwing it back to you in quality everything- any way we can.

If you know someone that might be interested in being a part of the Rockit Wrigley team, tell them to check this out, because we are moving fast-

Open call for jobs is this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Rockit Bar & Grill (22 W. Hubbard) between 10am-4pm.  Bring a picture and resume.  And good luck!

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  1. sgilbert

    THANKS for bringing a total of 275 new jobs to Chicago! Wishing you much success… from the employment advertising department at Sun-Times!!


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