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Not to ostracize half of our readers, but guys you have it easy for New Years.  You have three options.  If you’re going to a black tie party, you wear a tux.  If you go to a cocktail party, you wear a suit. If you go to a bar, you wear nice dark wash jeans, a nice button down and nice loafers.  That’s not hard.  So this post will solely be about women.

Ladies: it can be hard to find the perfect New Years Eve dress.  The good news is, the major gift giving holidays are over so you can pool together all of your relative’s Christmas checks and buy a great dress.

And now a how to look amazing for NYE.  First rule: sparkles.  Duh, this is obvious.  It is probably the only night in the year where it is if not acceptable, but encouraged to look like a disco ball.  My personal favorite strategy is using metallic/sequins in an unexpected way like in accessories.  You obviously need to ring in the New Year glowing like your own light source, but in fun ways.

At a Black Tie Event: there’s always the “full length or no full length” question.  Honestly, it’s not 1962 so wear a mini dress if you want.  The key is you wear a nice dress and accessorize properly.  AKA don’t wear something from Forever 21.  For floor length, I love this ALC dress.  It’s fancy without seeming old.  Obviously it’s an investment, but you could use this style as inspiration.

Cocktail Party: Yay! You can wear a fun and flirty dress without worrying about under dressing.  I love this Parker Dress which has a hint of sparkle, and you could play that up with a ton of bracelets and cool earrings.  The good news with cocktail attire is that you can get a cheaper dress and make it look more upscale with accessories.


Bars: Of course you can be more dramatic than a usual night out at your favorite place.  Enjoy the classic bar food and unlimited drinks and enjoy glares of jealousy from other girls.  I’d hit up ASOS to find something a little unique, but super stylish.  I love this dress because you can put an awesome statement necklace and it’s loose in case you indulged in too many mashed potatoes last week.  Best thing about ASOS is it has FREE RETURNS.

Don’t love online places? Here are my favorite places in the city to shop: Akira (naturally), Cusp, Le Dress, Shop 857, and Edith Hart.  All will definitely have great dresses and at pretty decent prices.  For accessories, try Charming Charlie, Forever 21, or a resale store for unique pieces.

PS you can always re-use your dress for a birthday dress! I think that’s also like the only other day you can look ostentatious and not care….

Grace Sweeney

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