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The New York Fire Department is running cross-country in remembrance of the victims of September 11th. This “tour of duty” started in Los Angeles on August 12 at 8:46am when the first plane struck. They will run a total of 4,600 miles stopping in Las Vegas, Oklahoma, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington DC,.. ending the run on September 11th in New York as a symbolic gesture and commitment to peace & an opportunity to acknowledge emergency services globally. They are actually in Chicago today- so if get a chance, watch & support them for this great tribute!

Below is an excerpt from their page for why they run- truly an inspiration for all.

“We run to remember them. First and foremost this is our purpose and intent, to honor their sacrifice, respect their courage, and appreciate their commitment to service and devotion to duty. To remember them and their humanity. We also begin this journey with an understanding that so many people have suffered and are suffering to this day, the survivors, the loved ones left behind, the workers involved in reclaiming the World Trade Centre Site, the families, friends and co workers of the passengers and crews of the American Airlines and United Airlines Flights, the emotional and physical scars of this attack are devastating and potentially far more reaching than we can imagine. It has changed our world, irreversibly, forever. It is our duty to remember what happened on September 11 and reinforce all that is good about humanity.”

Every day, people risk their lives to protect us, so we can all live a better life. For this, I am truly grateful. More info on the organization and their schedules routes can be found on

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