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So I don’t know about you, but I certainly learned a thing or two at Social Media Week Chicago.  On Thursday, I chatted up authors of Pinterest for Business Jess Loren and Ed Swiderski.

Now Pinterest is not just for girls planning their wedding anymore. There are so many companies who would benefit from using the social media site.  Enter Loren and Swiderski.  They gave me the three quick tips on improving your Pinterest boards to help business:

  1. Create basic board names, and use similar words for each board.  Loren likes “epic.” She has boards called  “epic humor,” “epic trips,” and “epic spaces.”
  2. Use quality images.  Unlike other social media where candid pictures are popular, Pinterest demands nice pictures.
  3. Lastly, link back to other websites.  If you have a blog, link your blog! Connect your Pinterest accounts with Twitter and Facebook, so you get more traffic.

Ok, I’m going to my Pinterest right now and spruce mine up.  And upload a ton of new content. And read up on making your account super Pinteresting by buying there book.

Grace Sweeney

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