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When I am not working with my Rockit Ranch family to deliver the best in food & fun at our establishments, I love working to entertain people on TV, Movies, here on my blog & any other way that I hope makes people happy as well (my reel).  Most of the time it’s on my weekly segment Thursdays 9a on ABC TV’s  Windy City Live, but I also like auditioning for parts in movies and tv shows that are in town filming, like this one for FX’s newest pilot “Powers” where I play a Chicago cop.

This video is super short so not to give anything away, but also to just narrow in on two shout outs. One, I love jumping in these projects because I love working with the Chicago Film Community, and will do anything to help more projects come to Chicago.  Two, as you will see in the video, I have a new found appreciation for the hard, scary, dangerous work Chicago cops go through, after working with them on site to play a Cop as accurately as possible, which I know doesn’t even come close to scratching the surface of the real thing.

Basically, this is just a quick but big thank you to both of those communities.  It was an honor to work with you both on this day, and to have you around always, as you help make Chicago beautiful, thriving, desirable.. and I just appreciate that. (Thanks and shout out to Evan Jones for his excellent editing skills!)

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