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What if my avatar literally came to life and spoke to people about a gigantic party to celebrate his 2nd birthday as the “person” behind all my social media platforms (facebook, twitter, blog..) that had  been communicating with tens of thousands of people with similar interests for the last 2 years?  And what if he explained in a really fun way that this huge party would benefit one of our favorite philanthropic missions, feeding people in need.  Well, that was the crazy idea we came up with at Rockit Ranch Productions 6 months ago when we produced the attached video- we just never thought we would actually win awards for it!!??!

Telly Awards honor the very best TV commercials, programs, videos, film productions & work created for the web… and we won these 4!
-Silver Award (the highest honor!!) – Internet/Online Programs, Segments, or Promotional Pieces – Use of Animation
-Bronze Award – Internet/Online Video – Live Events
-Bronze Award – Internet/Online Video – Animation
-Bronze Award – Internet/Online Programs, Segments, or Promotional Pieces – Charitable/Not for Profit

We had a blast making fun of me & my ridiculous updates, food porn, travel, celebrity encounters, behind the scenes work in our nightclubs & restaurants, contests & giveaways.. I love to share on facebook & twitter (you should be following me if not already!).. But the awards above are really due to the collaboration between the Rockit Ranch team and a number of talented animators, directors, videographers, friends.. below.. Thank you all!

Special shoutout to all the local artists who helped create this amazing video! Director/Editor: Catherine Lynch, Cinematographer: Adam Dick, Sound: Sam Fell, Avatar Lead: James Pawula, Animation: Ian Beckman & Ari Flesch, Texturing: Arwa Dabbakeh, Modeling: Whit Alexander, Music: Don Meyer, Underground Music: DJ Kane, Make-Up: Brenda Arelano, Equipment: Zacuto, Invites: M13 Graphics

And of course, the good people at the Greater Chicago Food Depository for all they do to fight hunger in our city, and for providing others with a way to help bring attention and support to their cause.

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  1. Eric Abud

    Hey…. we recognize that guy Mark and our buddies Windy City Live!!! He’s been on our show ‘The Special’ a bunch of times and even co-hosted it, great to see we have similar friends!

    Rock on! from SNSPost


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