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Enjoy this video of us in Moscow- it’s pretty amazing- at least sort of informative?  Tell ya, if I wasn’t on my way to the big 2016 Olympic Host decision in Copenhagen on Oct 2nd, I probably would stay longer.  I can’t really sum up the experience right now, I don’t think anyone can really sum up Russia in a sentence having seen what we have seen in the last couple days… but here is a couple things that we did say….

 “one of the most physically beautiful societies ever” my partner Arturo

“@#*@(*&$)*_)*%@)@#()(@*#”  my partner brad

 “billy, you saying that Moscow needs a publicist is the comment of the trip” My buddy pat daley

 ““I really appreciate their history & humility… actually, I figured it out, so much beauty in Moscow- looks, fashion, design, décor,… like some European favs… but zero attitude, I like that”  -me

Off to st. Petersburg… then through Sweden… then on to watch the united states of America win the honor of hosting the 2016 summer Olympics when announced in Copenhagen on oct 2nd!!  Will keep you in the loop here- and more celebrity friends filming videos w/ me coming to support that dream- at least one a day- just make sure you are telling all your friends, coworkers, contacts, family,… to share these celebrity messages with the rest of the world so all know how great our country is and how ready we are to welcome guests from around the globe (and the 4.4billion watching us on tv) as host of the greatest sport, cultural, and friendship strengthening event ever!

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