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who knew we had a social media club?!? love it! and such an honor to be able to invite you to their next event as cohost along with a national social media expert who has recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Mashable, USA Today,, to name a few. my cohost’s name is Scott Stratten, author of the book “Unmarketing – Stop Marketing, Start Engaging.” I haven’t met him in person yet, but if you know the way I live, market, tweet, facebook & engage, and watch his video above, you can tell we’re going to have a blast grabbing the mic and speaking our minds over beers to a packed, excited, interested, fun crowd of all of our beloved social media fams coming together!

all fun aside, there have obviously been major shifts in the way marketing has evolved w/ the internet, economy, social media,…. and we all could use a little help with all of it from time to time- I know I always need to talk about it with passionate people who are active- its the only way!  so I truly encourage you to join the chicago social media club, scott stratten & I, Wednesday, November 3rd at Rockit Bar and Grill at 22 w. hubbard from 5:30-7:30pm. can’t wait- hope to seeya there! & shoutout to Radian 6 for sponsoring the event & remember you must be 21+ to attend!

Also make sure to stay tuned the day of the event- will have an awesome giveaway for you!

::update:: 10/27 the list is now closed.  all rsvp’s must have recieved email confirmation- thx & see you there! for those who were unable to receive confirmation- check out another great social media event:

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  1. NancyLoo

    Hi Billy-
    There are a lot of great, savvy and sharp peeps in the social media club. Sorry I won’t be able to make the event. Say hi to SMC Chicago co-founders Barbara and Jeff.
    Have fun, my friend!

  2. Angel Oakley

    Scott is awesome and his book is a tell it like it is guide to connecting with consumers! Looking forward to the event! Thanks Rockit and SMC Chicago (Barb and Jeff) for planning everything!


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