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Hello, my name is Shawn Maxwell and I am a professional saxophonist based in Chicago. I’ve spent the last 16 years performing as a sideman & leader in many different bands. In 2005 I released my first album of all original material in the jazz genre. This is when I realized that not only did I want to compose and perform music, but I wanted to be different from every other musician out there now. I strive to find my own voice/style and to represent the history of jazz, while integrating more modern influences.

This thinking led to the formation of my new band, Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow. “Jazz for 2016” is how I describe it. While the roots of this music are strongly based in jazz, one can still hear the interweaving on funk, rock, and hip hop, to name just a few [other styles]. As with all of my albums/bands, I composed all of the music. While doing so I mixed in elements of things that I listened to growing up. Artists such as Guns N Roses, Dr. Dre, Metallica, Snoop Dog, Parliament and Jimi Hendrix usually aren’t listed as inspirations for jazz music, but they are here.

 Of course the best compositions mean nothing if you don’t have skilled musicians to perform it. I assembled a quintet, saxophone-trumpet-keys-bass-drums, of some of Chicago’s finest. They are all musicians who are not just great at jazz, but very active in other genres as well. This versatility shows in the music and is one of the defining characters of why it is so unique.

 We will be celebrating the release of our new album on the Origin label on Sunday, October 2nd at City Winery Chicago. This is a special brunch time show at 12pm and is all-ages, so students can attend as well. I feel that this band, at this venue, will be a great outing that the entire family will enjoy. Whether you are a hardcore jazz fan or a novice, I am certain there is something for you here. We will be selling the new album at special price that afternoon, as well as other extras. If you attend, there is a chance that you’ll make it onto our new DVD, which we’ll be videotaping. Hope to see you there!

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