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Keeping up with the latest fashion could really be a full-time job! Styles come and go with the seasons and beauty trends never really last. I’m a jeans and a tshirt kind of guy, but if I had to say there is one thing that never goes out of style, it would be quality time with friends and loved ones.

So ladies, grab your gal pals and head out to Shecky’s Girls Night Out, this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct 4 & 5! Come out to the Great Hall at Union Station for an evening of cocktails, fall fashions and relaxing spa treatments! And I hear there is a killer goodie bag – it’s a win-win event!

Click here for details: and definitely check in on my Facebook and Twitter as I’ll be giving away tickets to the event this week!

3 Responses

  1. Cathryn Davis

    I would to experience this event. Please, Please Please send me some tickets.

    Thanks Much

  2. Nicole Brown

    i truly want to win because of recent events in my life reguring me to take care of my grandmother, work & school i haven’t had a vacation in almost 5 yrs and this seems like the perfect stayaction or a nice treat for a night on the town. i also love fashion especially the hats you wear.

    My favorite part of the segment is learning even more about whats happening in our great city. your segments are very informative and fun. oh and can i just add AGAIN seein those dimples…YAYYY!!!

  3. Julie I

    My friends/I have been talking bout going to one of these for a Girls Nite Out!! wld be cool to win!! 😉


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