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Hello Billy Dec blog readers! My name is Jenny McCarthy (no, not THAT Jenny McCarthy) and I am so excited to let you in on a growing musical movement around the world. On any given night of the week, you can find great music in Chicago. If you’re a dedicated fan, you know the downside: groupies talking over your favorite song, beer bottles clanking, fair-weather fans blocking your view. For music lovers and performers, the intense, sometimes frustrating experience of attending shows is underestimated. So why doesn’t the Chicago music scene offer something different and innovative?

Two years ago, in London, singer-songwriter Dave Alexander and Chicago native Rafe Offer got together and decided to try something new: they hosted a concert in Dave’s living room. With limited attendance and total attentiveness to the performance, the show was a success. There was NO cost to these special shows; fans got to enjoy an intimate show with the music and with major record labels and journalists in the audience, the artists benefit too. Dave and Rafe still do this today, and the movement is known as Songs from a Room (or Sofar Sounds online). They have played around the world, from Paris to Berlin, India to Madrid. New York City, Los Angeles and Washington DC have gotten in the action- so why not Chicago?

I have started a Facebook page to gather support for a Sofar Sounds show right here in Chicago. For a city where music passion runs deep, not to mention the hometown of founder Rafe Offer, Chicago is a perfect city for Sofar Sounds.

It’s easy to help bring a show here: first, “like” Sofar Sounds: Chicago on Facebook. Then sign up for Sofar Sounds’ mailing list here and list Chicago as your city.

It’s that simple. They will keep you updated when a show is announced here in Chicago.

The video above is from a previous Sofar Sounds show in London, where actor Robert Pattinson played for a very attentive audience.

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