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Martin McGarry, native of Co Mayo, Ireland spent his youth fighting for his place among his many brothers and sisters.  His teenage years were spent in boxing rings spanning several continents.  As an adult he devoted his life to training boxers and taking kids off the streets, giving them an outlet to box and a safe place to channel their energy.  Now he is the one in need.

Fighting Amyloidosis, a terminal genetic disease that has already killed his mother and two of his brothers is one fight that you can’t train for.  The only medicine available is not yet approved by the FDA, and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Martin leaves Monday for Europe, to the only Doctor in the world who will treat him.  This treatment comes at a hefty price. And while Martin is loved by all who have ever met him, love alone will not save him; for that we need funding.

The Fight for Martin McGarry Benefit is being held on Sunday December 2nd, 2012 at 115 Bourbon Street from 1-6pm.  And while the ultimate goal is to raise funds, the turnout is expected to include the “who’s who” of high profile Chicagoans.  Not only is it a fundraiser, it has been coined the ”social networking event of the season”!   The raffle prizes include a 5 day cruise on a private yacht in St. Thomas (think rap video wealth with a South Side twist), a Luxury Lincoln MKZ, a 4 day stay in a state of the art oceanfront condo on the white sandy beaches of Ft. Lauderdale, World Class Golf packages and dozens more items you surely must have dahling! Help in the Fight For Martin McGarry, and help us save a life that has devoted his to helping so many.  As a wise friend recently said…..Be There or Be a Jerk! Follow us on Twitter for more info and hope to see you there! – Moira Curran

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