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Hello all! It’s Jenn again. It’s been a brutal last couple months here in Chicago, and most of us have been hibernating rather than dealing with the cold. But who can blame them! Have you been feeling bored all winter and possibly forgotten what our great city has to offer? I know I’ve been itching to enjoy a meal outside, I have been cooped up inside my apartment far too long now! Although we are still wearing our winter jackets and being warned about possible blizzards, daylight savings is now in full swing, and doesn’t everyone love that it doesn’t get dark until about 7pm?! With that being said, we can look forward to saying goodbye to frigid air and hello to beautiful colors about to bloom come spring!

It’s easy to forget the excitement Chicago has to offer during winter when we ask ourselves why we live in this state. But our city is full of possibilities, especially in the spring and summertime! I am excited to share with you how I keep a positive mindset while struggling to walk the freezing streets to work. There’s so much to look forward to once the weather warms up; so worth it that the struggle and wait is worthwhile. There really is no place like Chicago!

I have made my own checklist of things I am looking forward to do in Chicago, including attractions, experiences and places I’m excited to share with you and help keep your heads high getting through the last days of winter. Once the weather turns around, there’s absolutely no shortage of thrilling ways to fill your day with fun! 

Every Day’s A Picnic

every day is a picnic

One place we abandon all winter but love enjoying when there’s sun is Grant Park! I know I can’t wait to get my friends together for a picnic, sip on wine and snack outside on every beautiful afternoon! The park spans 319 acres of lakefront property and includes Chicago’s landmarks like the Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, the Art Institute and Museum Campus.

Have Your Beach And Your City Too!

chicago beach

In Chicago, you can have both your beach and your city! What other major city has beaches conveniently in the middle of everything to enjoy? We may forget how lucky we are when they’re inaccessible during the rough months, but Chicago’s 26 miles of public beaches makes it easy to keep up our summer tan! Chicago’s beaches remain one of the most popular attractions to cool off and have a great time with friends and family.

There are a wide variety of beaches to check out, but my two favorites have always been Oak Street Beach and North Avenue Beach. Oak Street’s spectacular view of the skyline is absolutely breathtaking and one of my favorite destinations to relax on a beautiful day. North Avenue has a gorgeous view as well, but if you’re looking forward to some day drinking and fun with friends, Castaways Bar & Grill– located right on the beach- guarantees a day full of fun providing all the food, alcohol and music you need to get you dancing on your feet in the sunshine!



All Aboard!

What’s summer without being on a boat? I’m already thinking ahead to the boat parties at the Play Pen. The Play Pen fronts Chicago’s prominent area known as The Gold Coast and is home to the Chicago Social Scene all summer long. It is also where the annual Chicago Social Scene boat party takes place, which is a huge blast! Hundreds of boats all come together, blast music, drink, dance, float on rafts taking advantage of one of Chicago’s greatest summertime perks! 

all aboard

The Temperature’s Rising & So Are You

What’s the point of living in the city if you can’t enjoy rooftop views of the skyline? Well, it’s something I certainly miss and cannot wait to enjoy again! The city is filled with amazing rooftop restaurants and bars, but there are a few I am itching to revisit regularly.

Over the years I find myself exploring new rooftops spots, but a few have remained my top favorites including: ROOF on theWit, Shanghai Terrace, Terzo Piano, Vertigo Sky Lounge, Rock Bottom Brewery, NoMI Kitchen and The Terrance at Trump. The atmosphere is vastly different at each of the rooftops I named. For example, Rock Bottom Brewery is perfect to enjoy with a large group of friends for some great food and beer, while Shanghai Terrace is a little more intimate, better suited for a date or a fancy meal with a close friend.


Vertigo Sky Lounge


The Terrace at Trump

shanghai terrace

Shanghai Terrace 

The rooftop you choose to visit all depends on your mood and how you are feeling, but there’s nothing like taking in Chicago’s beauty and appreciating what it has to offer than being able to enjoy it from up above!

Summer Sippin’

I don’t know about you but I miss the ability and relaxation of enjoying a drink or meal sitting outside! We’ve been forced to eat and drink behind closed doors far too long, and now may have forgotten the amount of outdoor patios Chicago has for summer sipping! There are endless amazing outdoor dining restaurants in Chicago. Some of the top outdoor spots to dine in the city include: Big Star, Chief O’Neill’s Pub, Drumbar, Halsted’s Bar + Grill, Happy Village and a many more to check out!


Chief O’Neill’s

It’s That Time of Year!

From Lollapalooza, Pitchfork Music Festival, North Coast Music Festival, Spring Awakening, Wicker Park Fest, The Taste of Chicago, to neighborhood street fests, spring and summer mark festival season and we’ve waited all winter long for it to be here! Chicago is the capital of summer festivals with many different, exciting events for everyone almost every weekend!


The Great Outdoors

We’ve all been hibernating inside far too long! Chicagoans know that it’s vital to take advantage of each beautiful day given to us. I know I cannot wait to walk around the city and go shopping down Michigan Avenue without a winter jacket, take a Divvy bike around the lake, visit Navy Pier and attend baseball games at U.S. Cellular and Wrigley Field! The warm weather not only gets us out of our homes, but also entails endless things to do!

Summer in Chicago is a sight to behold and for all those yearning to don shorts and sundresses the time will be here before we know it! Get your spring and summer checklists going so you don’t waste one day of sunshine!

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