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Here’s a quick video mix of our newest concept sunda featured on wttw’s emmy award winning show “check please!” shoutout to host alpana singh, producer david manilow & of course manase latu and the other guests who all said wonderful things about us!

More than just our review though, “Check please” (in its 10th season!) deserves a special shoutout for being not only a popular show (it inspired spin-offs in San Francisco, Miami, and Kansas City!), but being a humble show where they choose REAL Chicagoans as reviewers.

here’s what the show does: it takes regular 3 chicagoans, has them each choose a food joint for everyone to visit and review – any kind of place from an upscale restaurant to a hole in the wall -, and then later they come together to share their eating experiences.  just how popular is it? the waiting list to be a reviewer on the show is estimated to be at 27,000 people long! And we are so proud to have them and wish them all the best in years to come!

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