Start calling the plays and bring your friends and family to the Holiday Huddle at Halas Hall. We see what goes down when the Bears take to the field, ready to play, but what do they do to prepare for game-day? Find out on December 9 from 6:00pm-8:30pm at Halas Hall when the team opens their doors “for a rare glimpse inside the headquarters and behind-the-scenes tours of their training facilities and Walter Payton Center.”
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Imagine Lifestyles Shares Luxury w/ Chicago!

luxury purchases may be down because of the economy, but a lot of Chicagoans aren’t giving up living the dream! Check this company Imagine Lifestyles launching by some local Chicagoans providing exotic...
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World Malaria Day in Chicago

First of all- check this quick video made by 4th & 5th graders in Kyoto, Japan- about the horrible malaria problem in Africa they are trying to help- a fight that we here in chicago will be supporting...
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chicago 2016 olympics w/ superbowler simeon rice

A fellow kid straight out of Chicago, simeon rice, makes it to Superbowl and more... and now has something to say about his City and how we deserve the Olympics!  Posted today because I'm in the football...
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chicago 2016 olympics w/ chicago bears tom thayer

as part of sport-celeb olympic interview week here on achicagothing i thought i would share  sports legend, tom thayer, from our 1985 superbowl champions - the chicago bears! he was my favorite player and...
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chicago 2016 olympics w/ chicago bears brian urlacher

As you know, I interviewed a bunch of random celebrity friends about why they think chicago is amazing, and why they feel our city (and country) would make a great host for the 2016 olympics… and plan to...