Stay Strong, Chicago. The Best is Yet to Come!

Hello all! It’s Jenn again. It’s been a brutal last couple months here in Chicago, and most of us have been hibernating rather than dealing with the cold. But who can blame them! Have you been feeling...

Rave Runs Bring New Style to Chicago’s 5k

Hey Chicago! I’m Kendall Rozell, the newest addition to Billy Dec’s intern team at Rockit Ranch Productions. I have never been too keen on going for a run – the part that really excites me is listening to my favorite type of music, electronic dance. So when the new trend of the Rave Run started spreading around Chicago, I knew I had to join in!
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i love the chicago jazz festival!

Very excited that the Chicago Jazz Festival starts today for labor day weekend in grant park!  I love riding my bike w/ my dorky picnic backpack down there to just chill, enjoy, respect & love.  I’ve...