Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow-CD release show at City Winery, 10/2

Hello, my name is Shawn Maxwell and I am a professional saxophonist based in Chicago. I’ve spent the last 16 years performing as a sideman & leader in many different bands. This is when I realized that not only did I want to compose and perform music, but I wanted to be different from every other musician out there now.

Keri Johnsrud and Her Quartet Return to Perform at the Jazz Showcase

Hey there, Chicago-land! This is your friendly local jazz vocalist, composer, music instructor, first-time blog writer and storm-chaser wannabe, Keri Johnsrud. Since arriving in Chicago in 1999, from the vast cornfields of Iowa, I’ve been fortunate to perform in some of the most historic venues in the city (and country, for that matter), with the Jazz Showcase being one of the oldest. With that said, I would love to invite you to join me and my band on Wednesday, March 16th, for our performance at this celebrated jazz club.

New Logan Square Music Spot: Concord Music Hall!

Concord Music Hall officially opened August 17th, with Gogol Bordello, a Gypsy Punk Band from the lower-east side of Manhattan, to help make its debut. Located at 2047 N. Milwaukee Ave. the 700-1600 capacity of Concord is hoping to bring large acts from all different kinds of genres back into the Wicker Park and Logan Square area.

More Dance than Dinner Soiree Comes Alive with Chicago’s best Local Performers to Benefit the Chicago Academy of Music!

Growing up my best memories were the ones sitting with my grandpa and listening to Jazz and Big Band music. The appreciation for the way all of the individual instruments could mesh as one to create something so special as an emotional groove was something I will never forget. This music appreciation from a young age was so influential in my life, from my high school music programs, professional dancing career, night club djing, and of course my radio career. That is why The Chicago Academy of Music really caught my attention as something I wanted to be involved with.

Otis: a Chicago Band that had a unique blend of New Soul, Funk, Blues & Jazz!

A few weeks back in a little bar over on Halsted a band caught my eye. I am usually seeking out the latest dub or electro to hit the scene, but back in the day I used to actually pick up my guitar. The blues, and rock & roll are actually what initiated my passion for music. Otis incorporates true live music, and it is unusual to see such talented musicians these days, especially when they’re all under twenty-five.
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i love the chicago jazz festival!

Very excited that the Chicago Jazz Festival starts today for labor day weekend in grant park!  I love riding my bike w/ my dorky picnic backpack down there to just chill, enjoy, respect & love.  I’ve...